Patent Prosecution

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A high quality patent can turn an innovation into a valuable business asset. Strategic drafting of patent applications and the management of the prosecution of the application through various patent offices around the world is how a client obtains maximum value and avoids losing rights through errors like public disclosure or incomplete protection. It is where everything begins, and as we see it, the beginning of a long, thoughtful, and immensely important strategic conversation between our attorneys and our clients.

Rothwell Figg's Patent Prosecution practice is one of Rothwell Figg’s most active and strongest practices, and one to which our lawyers bring an impressive array of personal and professional strengths. Chief among these is our technical expertise. Many Rothwell Figg attorneys have industry experience, advanced degrees in a scientific field or engineering discipline, and in many cases, both. We are highly knowledgeable in many scientific and technical disciplines. We work with our clients to identify potentially patentable innovations, obtain patent protection, and provide strategic advice on patent portfolio development and management to clients around the world, in areas ranging from electrical/mechanical engineering to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics, to information technology, including cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G networks, advanced semiconductor devices, OLEDs, video encoding, green tech, and the Internet of Things.

We utilize this experience to prepare and prosecute patents for an equally diverse array of clients, from promising startups and individual inventors to Fortune 50 global giants with extensive, complex patent portfolios, as well as everything in between. Through a network of affiliates and colleagues around the globe, we offer clients worldwide prosecution capability. Our attorneys file patents applications on a regular basis under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), in the European Patent Office (EPO), and in foreign countries around the world.

More important than credentials, however, is the approach we take to our prosecution practice. Most of our prosecution attorneys are also active in another facet of IP law, such as litigation, post-grant proceedings, or transactions, and many are former patent examiners. Accordingly, we write patents with potential litigations and transactions in mind, and with immediate access to a broad base of experience and top-notch strategic perspectives. This both informs and enhances the patents we obtain, and inures to the benefit of our prosecution clients.

Clients are impressed with the responsiveness of our patent prosecution team. We place enormous value on communication and teamwork, and strive to become integrated into the client’s legal/business team and earn the name of “trusted advisor.” This achievement requires thoroughly knowing our client’s business, strategy, market, competitors, and technology simultaneously. It means understanding and communicating how a patent, or a group of patents, will protect the client’s goals and priorities. And it means doing all of this efficiently, professionally, and cost-effectively.





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