2020 Edition of IAM Patent 1000 Includes Rothwell Figg and Seven Attorneys Among the World's Leading Patent Professionals

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In the 2020 edition of IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals, Rothwell Figg and seven attorneys are among the patent professionals identified as providing world-class private practice patent expertise. The IAM Patent 1000 has become the definitive directory exclusively dedicated to recognizing the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe.

The firm is ranked in the DC metro area in the areas of patent litigation and patent prosecution. The narrative on the firm includes the following praise: "Rothwell Figg practises patent law at the bleeding edge. Its well-balanced, versatile lawyers see trends emerge first hand, whether in litigation, prosecution or post-grant proceedings; by connecting the dots and intuiting the overarching themes, then feeding that all back into their strategies and advice, they futureproof clients’ patents and business advantage.”

The seven Rothwell Figg attorneys identified as leading patent professionals are:

  • E. Anthony Figg – identified as a Luminary in the DC metro area
    • “[L]ife sciences is another bastion of strength for the group, which boasts a pharmaceutical litigation luminary and trailblazer in Anthony Figg.”
    • “He recently obtained an important victory for Pfizer and Synthon Pharmaceuticals against Teva, with the Federal Circuit affirming a District of Delaware decision invalidating four Teva patents relating to multiple sclerosis treatment methods; this is the sort of win he has achieved routinely throughout his illustrious career.”
  • Steven Lieberman – ranked in litigation for the DC metro area; ranked in post-grant proceedings nationally
    • “'One of the best lawyers in DC in any practice, Steve is incredibly smart and thorough – and also lightning-quick on his feet. A genuinely nice person, he is someone you can instantly trust.’”
    • “A beacon of light for media entities, he spearheads important campaigns for the likes of Fandango Media…”
    • “On the litigation front, Steven et al have acknowledged the increasing prominence of trade secret litigation, the growing involvement of litigation funding entities and the emergence of super-trolls, and adjust and maneuver accordingly.”
  • Joseph Hynds – ranked in litigation for the DC metro area; ranked in post-grant proceedings nationally
    • "Joseph knows how to play the Hatch-Waxman Act litigation game and has been doing so for many years.”
    • “[H]e acquits himself with distinction in post-grant settings and is one of the engines behind Rothwell Figg’s leading practice in the area.”
  • Martin Zoltick – ranked in litigation and prosecution in the DC metro area; ranked in post-grant proceedings nationally
    • 'Marty brings a level head to litigation and can calm heated situations to pave the way for good business outcomes.’”
  • R. Danny Huntington – ranked in prosecution in the DC metro area; ranked in post-grant proceedings nationally
    • “Protean patent professional Danny Huntington calls upon extensive biotech and pharmaceutical experience, too, and deploys his expertise to particularly striking effect at the PTAB…”
  • Sharon Davis – ranked in litigation in the DC metro area
    • “Davis is a seasoned litigator who can be counted on for resonant performances whatever the technology or forum.”
  • Robert Parker – ranked in litigation in the DC metro area
    • “Moving to the high-tech theatre, Bob has been knocking it out the park of late, at least judging by the superlative feedback he attracts.”
    • “’While operating as the quarterback, Bob assembles and organises teams which are extremely capable from pre-trial phases of a case all the way through the appeals process. He has a unique ability to get the best out of his people and utilise their various skillsets to further clients’ interests. His advocacy is excellent and he is highly regarded by judges.’”

To arrive at the rankings, IAM undertook an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify outstanding firms and individuals across multiple jurisdictions. The extensive research was conducted over several months by a team of full-time analysts, and involved more than 1,700 interviews with patent specialists. Individuals qualify for a listing once they receive sufficient positive feedback from peers and clients with knowledge of their practice and the market within which they operate. When identifying the leading firms, factors such as depth of knowledge, market presence, and level of work on which they are typically engaged were taken into account, as well as positive peer and client feedback. The results of the extensive research is the 2020 edition of IAM Patent 1000, which shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in the pivotal area of patents. Click here to learn more about the IAM Patent 1000.

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