Rothwell Figg’s Recent Granted U.S. Patents Exceed 11,000

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Photo of Rothwell Figg’s Recent Granted U.S. Patents Exceed 11,000

Rothwell Figg has represented inventors and companies of every size across all fields of innovation for decades. Our team of attorneys has seen all angles of the patent prosecution process, including years of experience as patent examiners and as innovators in industry prior to joining Rothwell Figg. Understanding that a patent is only worth what it would cost to invalidate it, we clearly communicate the risks and provide detailed strategies to navigate around pitfalls that often arise during prosecution. Because our seasoned attorneys uniquely handle both litigation and prosecution cases, we bring that knowledge and experience to bear in obtaining patents and building portfolios that are difficult to challenge and can withstand litigation if challenged.   

To see a full list of the more than 11,000 recent U.S. granted patents prosecuted by Rothwell Figg, please click here.

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