Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

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At Rothwell Figg, we know the legal and business implications, opportunities, challenges, and pitfalls associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Our clients in this area range from solo innovators and start-ups to Fortune 100 domestic and global companies seeking a competitive edge through protecting and monetizing their AI innovations. Many of our attorneys have advanced degrees and technical backgrounds in engineering and computer science. Our firm’s expertise in IP law and working through AI-related issues since this industry’s beginnings have resulted in favorable outcomes, not only for the traditional technology industry, but for interdisciplinary applications in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and other emerging markets.

Our legal services concerning AI and ML range from patent prosecution to enforcement and litigation (on attack or defense) at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We are fluent in the interplay between patents and trade secrets in the AI space. Our team provides clear answers to the many questions surrounding the data that powers AI and ML and its nebulous nature, including how to acquire, use, protect, and monetize it, as well as how data converges with privacy, security, fair use, and the risks and opportunities inherent in the accelerated pace of business today. You can read more about our AI practice on the AI practice page.

We work directly with our clients to optimize IP and data protection strategies for strategic development, insight, and growth, as well as advise on the legalities and best practices inherent in AI’s explosive growth and power to enhance innovation. We work in partnership with strategic visionaries and entrepreneurs involved in new or game-changing AI innovations, and leaders tasked with development or cost reduction through AI to realize their objectives in a manner that protects them today and into the future.



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