Electronics & Semiconductors

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From cutting-edge LED technologies to biomedical devices, televisions, and mobile phones, electronic and semiconductor components are used in nearly all of today’s products. In an industry that is not only fast-paced, complex, and global in scope, but also constantly evolving to utilize more efficient design and production methods and materials, IP protection is often the key to realizing—and growing—a secure market position.

At Rothwell Figg, we are well-versed in current industry trends in product design and manufacturing, automation and efficiency, IoT and other networked technologies, machine learning, and the growing demand for versatile, multi-application products. Our diverse backgrounds and education in technology, prior to the law, demonstrate that there is no industry development that is too complex for us to effectively address.

We represent clients from all over the world and in all stages of development. Among our firm’s clients are domestic and foreign semiconductor chip and equipment manufacturers, circuit designers, microelectronics and nanotechnology companies, medical device companies, and companies in the wireless communications industry, including network equipment and mobile phone manufacturers, to name only a few.



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