The use of robots and robotics in factories, businesses, and homes have more than tripled over the last ten years with the global artificial intelligence (AI) market expected to reach nearly $300 billion in the next decade. Robot and machine learning (ML), as manifest through AI, vision, and other sensing systems used in smart factories and the like, are also associated with a decreasing carbon footprint and effectual in securing supply chains throughout local, national, and international distribution channels.

In addition to growing competition, robotics inventors, developers, and businesses continue to face difficulties and unique obstacles in prosecuting their complex and non-traditional technologies. As a result, industry innovators and constituents require a comprehensive approach to protecting ground-breaking and market-defining creativity in a manner that is both tangible and meaningful. Rothwell Figg has been involved in owning, leveraging, safeguarding, and enforcing robotics technologies since the firm’s beginnings.

Whether we are prosecuting IP associated with autonomous vehicles, AI-drive drug and biomolecule designs, or robots and/or robotics used in fields such as surgery, nursing, eldercare, and office management purposes, or building and construction, mining, commercial storage and warehousing—our firm delivers the scientific and legal intelligence required to own and protect sophisticated robotic and AI-related advancements, enhancements, and design elements.

As IP counsel to thousands of clients involved in cutting-edge technological advancements, we deliver the prosecution, counseling, and litigation know-how, both in the U.S. and abroad, to develop the best possible offensive and defense strategies required to realize each client’s specific commercial objectives within the framework of their long-term and short-term objectives. Because many of our lawyers have earned degrees in electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, our firm is able to advise on multi-faceted, high-level ideas from conception to completion to market and beyond.

In everything we do, including securing, asserting, and defending patents, safeguarding trade secrets, or negotiating lucrative national and international licensing agreements, our lawyers take the time to understand each client’s specific technology and the competition at large to navigate and thrive in this fast-moving field.

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