Plant Science

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Plant Science is among the most research and development (R&D) intensive industries in the U.S. and abroad. Since the early 1980s when genetic engineering began in earnest, the industry’s top companies have invested billions of dollars of R&D into innovations involving cutting-edge products for crop protection, non-pest control, seeds, and plant biotechnology—all with the goal of improving sustainable plant-based and agricultural production efficiencies, overall health, and ROI.

The plant science industry is no different than any other in terms of owning and safeguarding IP. At Rothwell Figg, we advise scientists, universities, research institutions, crop science ventures and agribusiness, entrepreneurs, and other industry-related enterprises to identify, own, and defend the integrity of plant science-based IP.

We have been involved in advising industry constituents since the very beginning of the genetic engineering of plants. We represented some of the earliest pioneers in patent prosecution, patent interferences, and in litigation in the district courts and before the Federal Circuit with respect to some of the most important crops, including corn, soybeans, potatoes, and canola.

Our experience ranges from advising on the IP associated with plant growth, reproduction, evolution, adaptation, and methods of transforming plants with nanoparticles; to the use of plants for food, fiber, and ornamental purposes; to realizing more sustainable cropping practices that result in better health and more nutritious foods. We know how to use the full panoply of IP rights, including utility patents, plant patents, and plant variety protection (PVP) to protect any plant science innovation.

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