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Manufacturing companies of all kinds function in highly competitive marketplaces at the national and international levels — and even at the local and regional levels. From machinery components to chemicals to telecommunications and everything in between, manufacturing continues to play a critical role in the domestic and global economy. Manufacturing businesses require perpetual innovation. The industry is constantly facing major shifts in technology and production, digitalization, and the expansion of a supply chain ecosystem that supports greater efficiencies and innovative business models to ensure future ROI.

Rothwell Figg knows the manufacturing industry inside and out, particularly when it comes to identifying, owning, and monetizing both inventions and brands, both of which are equally required to remain at the forefront of profitability. Our team represents domestic and foreign manufacturing businesses of every size. In addition to our advice on patents, proprietary processes, databases, software, and formulae, our team counsels clients on all other proprietary technical information and know-how, as well as provides branding advice on trademarks. We also provide guidance and support on copyrights, trade secrets, and methods used in the manufacturing process, and help our clients comply with increasingly complicated data security and privacy regulations.

Our firm is dedicated to remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to advising manufacturing clients on their most cutting-edge and sophisticated discoveries involving digitization and support for customer-centric strategic planning. We understand the interplay of and valuable IP assets that drive fast-paced productivity and portfolio optimization inherent in smarter solutions in manufacturing. We serve as advisors that help businesses own developments and enhancements for new and existing products, processing, and supply chain systems. 

Our litigators take the lead in advising on disputes that involve complicated issues over IP rights for national and international clients, across U.S. state and federal courts. We represent our clients when they are required to enforce and protect their invaluable and hard-earned rights, and serve as a respected partner to clients when third parties raise challenges to certain marketplace uses.

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