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The luxury goods industry is elite and diverse. Whether we are talking about haute couture clothing, accessories, luggage, automobiles, yachts, wine, bottled water, coffee, tea, watches, jewelry, or sound systems, the luxury category is comprised of brands that must be aggressively diligent in fortifying their innovation.

All this luxury has one critical component in common – IP. Led by trademark and product design features, IP is usually the cornerstone of the brand, ROI, and continued profitability. Market leaders need to remain particularly alert and informed when it comes to identifying, protecting, and monetizing their intangible assets, considered the basis for creating and maintaining customer loyalty and ROI either directly or through licensing.

Rothwell Figg has served as IP law counsel for luxury goods companies from around the world for many years. We provide comprehensive legal counsel on even the most extensive trademark and patent (including utility and design patents) portfolios, and aggressively enforce client rights before the trademark office and other and international forums. We are advocates in enforcement against counterfeiters and copycats, both in and out of court and in working with customs agencies, with whom we interact virtually daily to help exclude shipments of infringing and counterfeit goods into the U.S. Our team also obtains and enforces critical copyrights and trademarks involving brand-defining and market-leading products. We are even skilled in addressing the IP of luxury “services,” certainly an area of continued acceleration in the industry.

Live streaming sales and the use of virtual and augmented reality require industry leaders to clearly define ownership of their IP not only in the traditional sense, but also as intangible assets converge with next-generation strategies involving influencers, virtual shopping, and the profound expansion of e-commerce and social media-based public relations and branding. We deliver the legal and technical fluency required to advise on the IP aspects of Artificial Intelligence, subscription services, clean bit data, brand partnerships, and hyper-personalization needed when it comes to luxury and expanded creativity in designing more novel approaches to the customer experience.

Our firm represents uber-luxury market leaders and established and fast-growth companies seeking to maintain their existing clientele while also targeting new generations of customers with disposable income. We are skilled in advising on the convergence of luxury, beauty, celebrity, and the media, as well as understand what can be achieved when leveraged in tandem through collaborations of iconic brands and groundbreaking trend-setters at the national and international scales.



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