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In an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars of global annual revenue and that has been taken by storm by increased digitalization, defending IP rights are front and center when it comes to maintaining brand integrity and ROI. With seemingly no end in sight to creativity and opportunity, owning, monetizing, and aggressively protecting rights, Rothwell Figg has the experience and insights to direct our clients toward the maximum protection for those things which makes industry innovators and their artistic expression unique.

Our lawyers have been involved in the high fashion and beauty industry for well over three decades. We are skilled in advising on even the most extensive patent possibilities, product designs, including design patents, and trademark and trade dress portfolios, aggressively enforcing client rights before the patent and trademark office, and other and international forums. We have always been formidable advocates in enforcement against counterfeiters and copycats, both in and out of court, and in working with customs agencies. Our team obtains copyrights and trademarks on brand-defining and market-leading designs – certainly a difficult task in the fashion and beauty industry.

Accelerated digitalization, including live streaming fashion shows and product sales, and the use of virtual and augmented reality, require industry pioneers and leaders to define and establish their IP ownership and fiercely protect their IP. Often, this means addressing ways in which intangible assets converge with next-generation strategies involving influencers, virtual shopping, touchless beauty, and the unrelenting expansion of e-commerce and social media-based public relations. We are positioned to deliver advice based on a comprehensive understanding of AI technology, subscription services, clean beauty and products, clean bit data, brand partnerships, and the hyper-personalization needed when it comes to the customer experience.

Our firm represents uber-luxury market leaders and established and fast-growth companies seeking to maintain their existing clientele while also targeting new generations of loyal customers with disposable income. We are skilled in advising such companies on the convergence of fashion and beauty, as well as what can be achieved when the two are leveraged in tandem through cross-border collaborations involving iconic brands and groundbreaking trend-setters.




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