Today’s energy companies and industry constituents must be more diligent than ever in procuring, owning, licensing, enforcing, and monetizing energy-related IP. This is particularly so in the increasingly dynamic and competitive energy sector as companies seek to maintain a competitive edge by leveraging their innovations to differentiate themselves and serve their customers.

Clean energy, green energy, renewable energy, petroleum, natural gas, fuel cell, and other energy-based companies need lawyers who are invested in understanding their needs and willing to apply their wealth of legal knowledge and experience to developing IP assets that enhance client market positions and bottom lines.

Rothwell Figg knows, from decades of first-hand experience, what it takes to navigate the opportunities and challenges industry players face when seeking to maintain an edge based on technological advantages. As a full-spectrum IP, litigation, and technology specialty firm, we have deep experience in obtaining, licensing, and litigating patents and other IP, and focus on building and protecting IP around market differentiators and core strengths to yield long-term success.

We serve established and emerging companies that are involved in, among other things, clean hydrogen generation, hydro-carbon conversion, hydro-carbon extraction technologies, deep sea oil and gas withdrawal and control, contaminant reclamation, energy exchange, and other growth areas in the energy ecosystem. Our team consists of professionals who are not only exceptional lawyers, but are also scientists and engineers, each experienced in providing critical IP services to companies in competitive or first-mover spaces, allowing us to effectively understand each client’s particular situation and develop and implement IP strategies to power their growth.


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