Counseling, Transactions, and Guidance

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A company’s intellectual property and technology is not created, or commercialized, in a vacuum. It is always part of a business, and it sometimes overlaps with other innovations, from other stakeholders. And as a marketable asset, its value is often latent. Rothwell Figg advises clients concerning the strategic and operation implications of potential IP and technology-related scenarios. Our work ranges from preparation of opinions to assisting with licensing and transactions to counseling clients on issues related to privacy and data security. No matter the situation, we guide our clients in thinking through the legal implications of different courses of action, and provide them with the information needed to make informed, strategically sound decisions.

We will help them, for example, plan for the involvement of the FDA in a new drug. We will guide them through licensing their innovations, and commercializing them. Or we will help them evaluate the competitive landscape surrounding an innovation, and understand the best way to operate within it.

But what we really do is much more intriguing, if much simpler. We imagine. We game out different courses of action, and share our conclusions with our clients. We help them plan, and make informed decisions with our knowledge, our experience, and our judgement right behind them.


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