Steven Lieberman Quoted in Article Discussing Effort to Retrieve Stolen Holy Books and Materials from Russia

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Partner Steven Lieberman is quoted in an article on Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) dated May 17, 2023, by Bradley Martin titled “Joe Lieberman: ‘Fight for justice’ to retrieve stolen Chabad library from Russia” regarding the holy books and other materials stolen from Chabad by the Soviet Union and the Nazis. For almost a decade, Steven and partner Robert Parker ("Bob") have been assisting Chabad on a pro bono basis with the goal of having the collection – referred to as the “Schneerson Collection” – returned to Chabad.  

“These are holy books and personal papers of the Rebbes that belong to Chabad. They are viewed as containing the souls of the rebbes,” Steven told JNS.

A lawsuit was filed against the Russian Federation seeking return of the Schneerson Collection, and Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the Russian Federation to return the Schneerson Collection. The Russian Federation refused to do so and the court ultimately issued sanctions against the Russian Federation, currently totaling $178 million, as a result of their refusal. Chabad, with the help of Steven, Bob, and other Rothwell Figg attorneys, is now attempting to identify Russian Federation assets that can be seized and used to satisfy the Court’s judgment.

“Russia only understands force,” Steven said.

To read the article, “Joe Lieberman: ‘Fight for justice’ to retrieve stolen Chabad library from Russia”, please visit the JNS website.

To learn more about Rothwell Figg’s latest pro bono efforts to have the Schneerson Collection returned to Chabad, please visit “Two Court Rulings Advance Efforts of Rothwell Figg Pro Bono Client Chabad to Recover Holy Books and Materials Stolen by the Soviet Union and Nazis.”

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