Steven Lieberman Featured as Tiger of the Week by Princeton University Weekly for Pro Bono Work to Save African-American Burial Ground

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Partner Steven Lieberman is featured as Princeton Alumni Weekly's (PAW) "Tiger of the Week" in an article titled "Attorney Steven Lieberman '80 Is Arguing for an African-American Burial Ground" published on February 28, 2024. 

Steven, who graduated from Princeton University in 1980, spoke to PAW about his pro bono case seeking to stop the sale of a burial ground for formerly enslaved Africans in Bethesda, Maryland to a developer unless and until it complies with Maryland law. Most recently, Steven argued in front of the Supreme Court of Maryland after the Court granted his petition for a writ of certiorari on behalf of clients the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition (BACC), the pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, and members of the Black community in Bethesda. The Supreme Court of Maryland grants less than 15% of the certiorari petitions filed, and the Court’s ruling reflects the importance of the issues raised by this case—specifically how burial grounds, such as the Moses African Cemetery, are to be treated under Maryland law. 

“We’re hoping that this case will provide a roadmap for people all around the country to try to fix the situation involving the burial grounds in their area,” Steven told PAW.

“It’s just so meaningful when you can see that you’re taking a community that has essentially been disrespected and abused for decades, and now they feel that they have representation — that they’re a voice at the table,” Steven said. “That’s just very satisfying for all the lawyers who work on the case, so it’s very easy to get people to volunteer to help.”

Steven's pro bono work is an "'integral part' of his practice and he devotes about 20-25% of his time to these cases."

At Princeton, Steven "'learned the importance of using your education and the training that you get to try to impact the world in a positive way.'"

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To read the full article, "Attorney Steven Lieberman '80 Is Arguing for an African-American Burial Ground," by Anna Mazarakis, please click on the document below or follow this link to the PAW website.

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