Publication on Political Brands by Partner Jess Collen Called a "Thought Provoking Read" in ECTA Review

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Partner Jess Collen's book, Brands, Political Brands, and Donald Trump (Streamline Brand Associates, 2020), was reviewed in the Book Review section of ECTA's October 2021 monthly bulletin.

The book, "a good read for trade mark practitioners," is a series of pieces originally contributed to Forbes magazine and examines the striking similarity between political brands and product brands. From Trump's current blend of commercial and political branding to how names like Kennedy and Bush became the most famous political brand names in history, Jess illustrates how political brands can only be really understood in the universe of commercial product brands and trademarks. Maggie Ramage, the author of the review, "recommend[s] this [book] as a thought provoking read for members of [the trademark] profession."

To read the entire review of Brands, Political Brands, and Donald Trump in the ECTA newsletter, please click here.

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