Dan Shores Quoted in IPWatchdog Article on What IP Practitioners Will Be Watching in 2024

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Partner Dan Shores is quoted in an IPWatchdog article titled "What Lies Ahead: Here's What IP Practitioners Will Be Watching in 2024" by Eileen McDermott published on December 31, 2023. 

Dan shared with IP Watchdog what is on his radar for the new year: 

"Given the downturn in biotech investor funding, I would anticipate an increase in startup and startup asset acquisition by big pharma and other well-positioned biotech companies.

On another front, discovery in the myriad of mRNA / lipid nanoparticle litigations will be in full stride in 2024 pushing those matters closer to critical decision points as key facts are established and consideration is given to whether the parties will settle or participate in high-stakes trials.

Finally, I’d keep an eye on big pharma’s reaction to the head-on attack on biotech IP rights by the White House and legislators in Congress. The assault is unprecedented – and many feel unreasonable – and it will be interesting to see whether any new laws and policies are actually implemented or whether these initiatives are shot down as meritless and causing a lot more harm than good.”

To read the article, "What Lies Ahead: Here’s What IP Practitioners Will Be Watching in 2024" by Eileen McDermott, please visit the IPWatchdog website.

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