COGNATE, Co-Founded by Jess Collen of Collen IP, Acquired by GoDaddy

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COGNATE created a revolution in trademark documentation and management. It is the world’s first trademark, trade name, business name, and product name directory which uses Blockchain technology to secure information regarding any word or name used by companies to identify their products and services.

COGNATE was co-founded by partner Jess Collen of Collen IP. Under the leadership of CEO and Co-Founder Bennett Collen, COGNATE was born as a simple, low-cost, yet highly effective way for companies to protect their rights in unregistered trademarks. Initially existing as little more than an online database of names, the concept has grown and evolved into what it is today: a platform that empowers ventures of all sizes to protect their trademark rights (both registered and unregistered) by creating timestamped, tamperproof histories of their trademark use and subsequent rights, using blockchain and smart contracts.

COGNATE is pleased to be able to announce that it is joining GoDaddy. The company is excited about the opportunities it will create to help businesses around the world with trademark documentation and management.

“Providing dates of first use is always critical in trademark cases and a time-stamped registration can lend credibility to an otherwise unregistered mark”, Jess Collen stated recently to Managing Intellectual Property Magazine. "COGNATE has been especially interesting to companies outside the USA who have difficulties with our federal registration system, or are not prepared to invest, at this time, in the cost of U.S. federal registration.”

Bennett Collen is the son of not just one, but two trademark attorneys. Bennett’s mother, Jane Collen, is also widely recognized in the trademark legal community by firms and clients worldwide, and, like Jess, has held a number of important leadership roles in trademark and advertising associations, as well as innumerable bar and business and legal organizations. So, Bennett has a lifetime of experience to draw upon when reimagining how trademark protection should work, and building a service that aimed to transform trademark documentation and management, eventually finding a way to merge Blockchain technology to COGNATE's mission, making it an industry pioneer.

COGNATE is going to be working hard with the GoDaddy team on future trademark and documentation management services – and believes there will be exciting things on the horizon.

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