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Dedicated.  It’s what we are to our clients, and it’s what the firm is to our people.  We’re not just a law firm, we’re a tight-knit community passionate about what we do…because it’s all we do.  We’re one of the few firms out there that still houses all our people under one roof in Washington, D.C.  We practice IP law, period – and we’re good at it.  This one-office, one-focus philosophy allows us to put client service first.  It also allows our partners to work directly with our associates, an almost one-to-one ratio that allows our experienced attorneys to train and teach some of the very best and brightest IP associates. 

Our clients tell us that our “close-knit team” makes us different from other law firms.  Our attorneys are supported by trained paralegals, technical advisors, law clerks and legal secretaries.  Our staff oversees necessary administrative departments, like finance and human resources, information technology and litigation support, to keep our firm running smoothly and efficiently.  No matter what the role, every person who calls themselves a Rothwell Figg employee is appreciated and valued.

We might work as hard as big law firms, and we might get the same winning results and positive outcomes as big law firms, but we don’t act like big law firms.  We pride ourselves on teamwork.  With all of our attorneys located in one office, we know how important it is to work together, for us and for our clients.  One of our clients said of working with us, “You feel like you’re working with buddies.”  We like each other, we respect each other’s work, and we come together when needed to support our clients…and it shows.  We also realize that each and every one of us has a life outside of the firm.  We are parents, spouses, partners, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers…our firm comes together as a family to celebrate each other’s successes, mark each other’s milestones and rally when one of us needs support.

The people we hire are accomplished and smart, and just like they invest their time and talent working at the firm, we invest in their career with us through mentoring, training and developmental opportunities.  We place a great deal of importance on the health and well-being of our employees and their families, so we offer comprehensive benefits designed to address a wide range of needs.

Rothwell Figg is included in Vault's 2021 Top 150 Under 150, a list created to recognize outstanding small and midsize law firms that deliver big results. 

Rothwell Figg is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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