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What does it take to be successful in patent prosecution?  We think it takes preparation – thorough, thoughtful preparation.  But in a multidisciplinary field like biomedical devices -- where advances come quickly, product life cycles are short and competition is intense – time is often a luxury our attorneys don’t have.  Our team of biomedical patent attorneys specializes in all areas of biomedicine, including contrast agents and imaging, medical diagnostic devices and instruments, stents and catheters, medical treatment methods, prosthetics and implants, and drug delivery devices.  Together with extensive patent experience, this technical ability allows our attorneys to develop the global acquisition and management strategies required to achieve business goals…fast. 

We analyze the patent landscape immediately and provide strategies to manage the risk of infringing others’ intellectual property, such as providing collection searches, monitoring the field for early warning of potential infringement or interference, providing clearance analysis and opinions, providing potential methods of designing around the competition, and obtaining a portfolio of strong patents.  We handle reissue, reexamination and post-grant proceedings, and in collaboration with the client, we develop strategies to enforce intellectual property rights, through litigation and other means, and to avoid infringement of others’ patents.