The New Offensive Cyber Security: Strategically Using Asymmetrical Tactics to Promote Information Security

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Authored by Christopher Ott for Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal

Partner Christopher Ott authored a paper titled "The new offensive cyber security: Strategically using asymmetrical tactics to promote information security" for Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal Volume 5 Number 4. 

Since the very first hack, cyber security professionals have sought to take the fight back to the hackers. Offensive cyber security operations usually focus upon proactive technical attacks on hackers to disrupt their operations and deter future attacks, and there are currently efforts by governments to expand these capabilities. Cyber security professionals are locked in an unfair, asymmetrical conflict with hackers, but they need not confine their thinking to historical rules of engagement. This paper briefly traces the theories of asymmetrical warfare in the 21st century, including its cyber security dimensions, to explore how companies and cyber security decision makers can learn from the lessons of the past while changing the rules of the conflict in their favour.

Originally published by Henry Stewart Publications, you can find a PDF of the paper in the "Related Materials" section below.

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