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Richard Wydeven's practice involves patent matters arising in a variety of industries.  He consults with inventors and corporate counsel to prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications and develop and maintain patent portfolios that are responsive to the competitive, commercial, and technical needs of the client.  Mr. Wydeven counsels clients on a variety of patent-related issues, such as: patentability of inventions; infringement, validity, and enforceability of the client's or the client's competitors' patents; patent design-around; licensing of patents; IP due diligence; and technology transfer and research and development issues.  His practice also includes litigation in matters involving a range of intellectual property issues, such as: patents, trademarks and trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights, and unfair competition.

Mr. Wydeven has experience working with the following technologies: automated diagnostic systems including robotic material transfer, robotic manipulations of sample and reaction vessels and consumables, automated temperature and other process control, and automated signal capture and processing; biometric sensor architecture, authentication, and packaging; automated food processing and packaging; dental prosthetics; fluid handling/microfluidics; robotic surgical devices; customized content for online learning, customized content for test creation, and process improvements in presenting customized content; automated test scoring processes; capturing and processing content from scanned documents; wind and water energy conversion technology; waste water treatment; mechanical and electromechanical lock technology; wearable/remote biological sensing; laboratory devices/instruments; agricultural equipment; multiplex fluid sample analysis; catheters; intravascular diagnostic and imaging devices; bioreactor systems; solid state, sample-to-answer reaction devices; and optical detection and measurement instruments.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Mr. Wydeven was employed as an engineer in the aerospace industry.

Publications & Presentations

"The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976: A Contemporary Look at Jurisdiction Under the Commercial Activity Exception," Review of Litigation (1992-94)