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Gary J. Prato* Associate

A versatile IP attorney with a technical background, Gary Prato practices across a broad range of clients and provides unmatched support and guidance to everything from global multinationals to innovative startups. Gary is both an aggressive, effective IP litigation and an efficient, detail-oriented patent prosecution attorney.

One of the things that differentiates IP law is the integration of legal work with technical knowledge. The day-to-day raw material of an IP attorney’s practice is typically highly technical, and the ability to work with, understand and communicate this information is an invaluable asset, particularly for an associate, whose role typically relies on research and writing skills.

With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a graduate degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Gary is exceptionally skilled at mastering the technical demands of IP law, particularly on behalf of clients in the pharmaceutical industry. This knowledge also gives Gary the equally valuable ability to rapidly understand the technical issues of a matter, and when possible, to arrive at innovative, outside-the-box solutions. There are, of course, thousands of perfectly competent IP attorneys in the field who will do the work, follow the prescribed procedure, arrive at the expected solution and deliver typical results.

But the real force multiplier in IP law comes from innovation. This means the ability to address not just the obvious questions, but the less-obvious ones. It means being able to understand the real problems and the real opportunities buried in a scenario, and to articulate non-obvious approaches that can solve a problem a client didn’t even know he had, or predict one he didn’t see coming. Gary’s ability to arrive at potential solutions that are genuinely outside the proverbial box is a major asset to both the clients the firm serves, and the attorneys with whom he works and to whom he provides support.

Gary’s innovative abilities are to some extent a byproduct of his equally impressive research capabilities. A diligent, organized and tireless researcher, he excels at thoroughly and efficiently digesting and organizing the facts of a case, and in particular, conducting legal research into the implications of a situation, whether it be the patentability of a technology or the next right move in litigation.

The work law firms do is almost always powered by associates. Often unseen and/or unsung, associates do the research, the drafting and the day-to-day foundational legal work that enables colleagues and clients to make the endless decisions they need to. With a combination of technical capability, research and writing excellence and innovation, Gary’s work helps ensure that his colleagues can do theirs.

Gary began his legal career as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Claire C. Cecchi, United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

*Not Admitted to the DC Bar

Publications & Presentations

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