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For many companies, the trademark portfolio is their enterprise’s crown jewels. Immensely valuable, difficult to obtain, and worthy of the highest possible level of protection, but also raising a series of critical, complex second-order questions: protect from whom? Where? How? Rothwell Figg excels in guiding clients through these questions, and arriving at a strong, strategic, and bottom-line oriented plan for trademark protection.

The foundation of any trademark portfolio is strategy – charting a course through a myriad of possible scenarios, and discerning a path that both minimizes risk and maximizes opportunity. However, portfolio strategy necessarily operates at the intersection of aspiration and resources. As much as clients would like to protect everything, everywhere, that’s not possible. As advisors and strategists, our first role, then, is to help them focus on prioritizing proprietary technologies and protecting them as effectively as possible given the resources at a client’s disposal.

We counsel clients on whether to file trademark or design applications (as opposed to identifying those instances where reliance on common law rights is preferable or even the only reasonable alternative), what goods to file on, and where to file. Our opinion services (e.g., availability and infringement opinions) help our clients prioritize what marks to pursue and in what markets. We offer guidance on the increasingly difficult and complicated issues of global sales and availability via websites and social media. We have longstanding relationships with IP firms globally, cultivated on a personal basis over decades of practice and collaboration, who both provide informal guidance and can act on our client’s behalf in jurisdictions virtually anywhere in the world.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in both trademark prosecution and IP litigation that allows us to provide appropriate, effective guidance. Whether the questions is how to secure ownership of a newly acquired portfolio, how to enforce or license the client’s current portfolio, or how to respond to a competitor’s uses and registration, our team’s experience is unrivaled in providing targeted, efficient recommendations that put each client in the best position for their specific situation.

The Rothwell Figg team brings to this personal perspective a practical, realistic viewpoint, and a goal-oriented approach. Our approach requires trust, and our attorneys have earned the trust of our clients by being consistent, highly responsive, and knowledgeable. Many clients have been with us for decades, and have come to rely on a kind of continuity and judgment few firms deliver.