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Lawyer for lawyer, Rothwell Figg has handled more patent litigation in the media and financial services fields than any other law firm in the country.  In the media field, we currently represent or have recently represented the following entities in lawsuits brought against them by patent agreements: The New York Times Company, Dow Jones, News Corporation of America, DisneyCBS, NBCUniversal, LGE, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Random House, Advance Publications, ALM Media, American Media, Cox Broadcasting, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Interactive Media, Fox Sports Interactive Media, Fox Broadcasting, Univision Hulu, Time Warner, HBO, CBS Interactive Inc., Gannett, Cognizant and the McGraw-Hill Companies.

In the financial services field, Rothwell Figg represents entities such as Investment Technology Group (ITG), Chicago Board Option Exchange (CBOE), Dow Jones and McGraw-Hill Financial in patent litigation.