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Licensing and Transactions

Efficient. Practical. Analytical.

When a client is merging with or acquiring another entity, intellectual property rights are an important factor in the deal.  We have extensive experience representing clients in these types of intellectual property related transactions, from mergers and acquisitions to joint ventures, cooperative research and development agreements, confidential disclosure agreements and licenses.  We also have experience in opinion work supporting these transactions.

Our clients like to point out that we are “efficient” and “practical.”  No time is this more evident than when a client asks us to quickly analyze and assist in the valuation of the intellectual property assets of the entity they want to acquire, or accurately determine whether those assets infringe on assets owned by third parties. 

For some of our clients, it’s not the intellectual property you have, it’s the intellectual property you don’t have.  Clients come to us for guidance when they want to acquire rights to intellectual property owned by others, or to maximize the value of their intellectual property assets.  We have experience in licensing all types of technology, including real-time operating system software, new drugs and biotechnology related inventions.  We help clients negotiate and form strategic alliances, as well as create and draft patent, trade-secret and know-how licenses; trademark licenses; software copyright licenses; distribution agreements; joint research agreements; and technology transfer agreements.