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Involved. Creative. Flexible.

We asked our clients what makes the attorneys at Rothwell Figg unique.  One of our clients said we “get very involved” in our work. In today’s competitive business environment, we can’t think of a better way to help our clients be successful in every phase of their technology development and business cycle, from creating a strategic plan to implementing that plan. When it comes to counseling our clients, we know they look to us to identify protectable developments; procure intellectual property rights; and license, enforce and defend these rights from potential infringement.

Many of our clients operate in a global business world, so we partner with them to formulate creative and flexible plans of action that marry their business objectives with domestic and international intellectual property strategies.  We believe in arming our clients with the information they need to develop strong intellectual property portfolios that protect their business.  And our clients know they can count on us to inform them of the ever-changing intellectual property landscape, providing them with insightful advice and knowledge gained from our attorneys’ experience and education.

Clients also comment on the depth of understanding our attorneys have about their business. We strive to understand 360⁰ of what it is our clients do so we can offer them both offensive and defensive strategies.  We assess our clients’ competitors and their activities so we can evaluate the strength and scope of their intellectual property protection, identifying potential weaknesses and opportunities. We look for ways to acquire intellectual property, both for revenue generation or to join in critical market areas.  With attorneys skilled in various technologies and in the nuances of the patent and business environment, we can provide our clients with well-respected opinions on issues such as freedom-to-operate (clearance), patent validity and infringement.

Additionally, we provide strategic advice and assessment of the value of assets for mergers, acquisitions and other transactions.  If there is a concern regarding intellectual property during the transaction, we conduct thorough due-diligence inquiries.  This can include value and strength of a patent portfolio, ownership issues, litigation outcome evaluation and any special concerns relating to patent, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.