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We have a comprehensive intellectual property practice, which includes many aspects of copyright law.  We advise clients on how to set up their in-house program for registrations of copyright, and their rights on copyright law issues, and we work with the Department of Homeland Security to keep counterfeit products out of the U.S. 

Additionally, we counsel clients on copyright issues ranging from protectability of products to enforcement of copyrights.  We also litigate copyright issues for both the copyright claimant and those defending against claims of copyright infringement.  For example, Rothwell Figg represented, Inc., the plaintiff in a copyright action, against Consumer Innovations, LLC in the district of Delaware.  The Copyright action alleged copying of online advertisements.  Following a bench trial, the Court held that the defendant had engaged in actual copying of Webloyalty’s advertisements, found “willful” copyright infringement, awarded enhanced statutory damages and ordered defendant to pay Webloyalty more than $250,000 in legal fees and costs.