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Christopher Ott Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on Criminal Trade Secret Theft Cases

September 23, 2020

Partner Christopher A. Ott is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article published on September 23, 2020, on trade secret litigation.

A visiting Chinese scientist at the University of Virginia was recently arrested and charged with stealing trade secrets from his professor. However, the U.S. Attorney's office in Charlottesville, VA, asked the court to dismiss the case after the University noted that the scientist was given permission to access some of the items and an investigation revealed that some of the material was in a shared space to which he had authorized access. The dismissal request was granted.

Mr. Ott was quoted as saying, "[i]t's not enough for the information to just be considered secret, you have to take affirmative steps to keep it secret."

Prior to joining Rothwell Figg, Mr. Ott spent 13 years at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in various influential roles in which he successfully litigated complex data security matters, conducted hundreds of investigations, and won dozens of appeals. Most recently, Mr. Ott acted as Supervisory Cyber Counsel to the National Security Division of the DOJ. In private practice, he leads data security, privacy, and white collar litigation and investigations. Mr. Ott has handled hundreds of matters involving the intersection between white collar matters (accounting, securities, money laundering) and cybercrimes (from international criminal gangs to state actors). 

To read the entire article in the Wall Street Journal, titled "U.S. Drops Case Against Chinese Scientist at UVA," please click here