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Sharon Crane at FICPI's "Connect, Share & Grow" Webinar Series on Subject Matter Eligibility


September 30, 2020

Partner Sharon E. Crane, Ph.D., will introduce the first webinar of Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle (FICPI)'s "Connect, Share & Grow" webinar series on subject matter eligibility, taking place on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at 9 am ET. 

Dr. Crane, one of the chairs of the webinar series and chair of CET5- Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, will introduce topics from FICPI's Work and Study (CET) groups and the Professional Excellence Committee (PEC) that will be the subject of future webinars in the series. She will also help to introduce the webinar speakers.

Join Dr. Crane and FICPI for the first of the 16-part Wednesday free webinar series that will showcase the active role that FICPI takes in promoting the IP profession around the globe. To learn more, and to register for the free webinar, please visit: