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Rothwell Figg Participating in Virtual #FITDC HerStory 5K to Celebrate Women’s History Month


March 20, 2021

Attorneys and staff from Rothwell Figg will celebrate Women’s History Month by participating in the virtual #FITDC HerStory 5K on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

To honor and celebrate the more than 350,000 women and girls living in Washington, D.C., and the 165 million women and girls across the country, Mayor Muriel Bowser is inviting residents to run or walk a 5K in their neighborhood or on one of the suggested public 5K routes for the third annual event. The #FITDC HerStory5K is the premier, civic celebration of women's history in D.C., and last year’s event drew over 2,000 participants to Freedom Plaza.

To learn more about the event, please click here: