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R. Danny Huntington and Sharon Crane at AIPLA Advanced Chemical/ Pharma Patent Practice Institute: A Post Doc Bootcamp


May 20, 2022

R. Danny Huntington and Sharon Crane will speak at the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Advanced Chemical/Pharma Patent Practice Institute: A Post Doc Bootcamp, on Friday, May 20, 2022, in New Orleans, immediately following the AIPLA 2022 Spring Meeting.

This advanced course will cover how chemical/pharma patent practitioners can use fundamentally sound but oft-overlooked principles to prepare and prosecute a United States chemical/pharma patent application to withstand both PTAB and district court challenges. The principles taught will greatly help those advanced chemical/pharma patent practitioners involved with prelitigations, portfolio management, litigations, Orange Book listings, Purple Book/BCPIA, regulatory practice, due diligences, health checks, and analysis of third-party patents for validity/patentability, infringement, and enforceability issues, as well as for preparing IPR and/or PGR petitions and defending the patent against them.

To learn more, and to add the course to your AIPLA Spring Meeting registration, please visit the event website.