Christopher Ott at RSA Conference 2021

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Partner Christopher Ott will lead an interactive learning session titled "Strategically Using Offensive Litigation to Promote Information Security" at the RSA Conference (RSAC) 2021 taking place virtually May 17-20, 2021. Chris' session will be held on Tuesday, May 18, at 12:45 PM PT.

More and more, companies are making public lawsuits out of their private fights against information security bad actors, including state actors. What is making these fights public and non-criminal? In this session, discussions will cover the types of cases that have been arising, some of the risks and benefits provided by these types of offensive lawsuits, and what more can be done.

For almost 30 years, RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda. The central point where people from around the world gather to share, learn, and grow, and the place that provides a forum for innovation and partnership. It’s even more important today to have these points of connection, as cybersecurity has become more relevant across all aspects of daily lives. RSA Conference's commitment is to connect you to the most knowledgeable people and cutting-edge content that will empower you to stay ahead of cyberthreats and advance your career. The conversations and debates are not the perspective of RSA Conference but designed for open and honest dialog that often provide different/unique and sometimes opposing views in order to get to the heart of the problem and ultimately a creative/unbiased solution.

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